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Smart Futures - The Millennial Way
How skilling youth is changing the future of asset management

Estimates are that Generation Y (or "millennials") will comprise more than half the global workforce by 2020. And they will have a profound impact on the way real estate is built and managed. Inherently wired to operate through digital mediums and interfaces, millennials are leading the trend of rapidly altering workplace cultures and practices.

world youth skill day

This digital revolution is having a significant impact on how workplaces operate. Corporate real estate and workplace cultures are rapidly altering across the world. What was once perceived as revolutionary in terms of workplace standard, the knowledge worker considers commonplace. As Millennials become the dominant workforce, their expectation from the workplace has changed dramatically. And, therefore, as knowledge economy corporations draw up their workplace strategies, their requirements from business parks are changing dramatically.

Driven by the always-connected, global citizen workforce of today, workplaces need to be effortless, responsive and enriching. The workforce of today prefers job opportunities which help them maximize their personal and social time making career decisions based on these factors. The workplace is seen as a major enabler of such an enriching lifestyle – whether it be accessibility or how much they can get done without these activities eating into their personal time. Modern-day workplaces are expected to be holistic, balance-enabling ecosystems.

India is no exception to this trend.

As both - the occupiers and managers of business facilities - become heavily populated by the millennials, there is a strong expectation of workplaces being digitally-driven. This creates the demand for asset management professionals who are able to conceptualize and manage such facilities. The need of the hour is to nurture the next-generation asset management practitioner with the ability to manage a combination of on–ground operations and new age tech tools. By training future asset management practitioners on new age practices such as digital backbones & tools integration, environmental sustainability, energy management, asset management through digital transformation makes work environments serve their purpose as smart facilities.

Millennials aspire to be young leaders - this is a commonly visible trait in them. They are eager to serve as a vital cog in the process of fostering environments in which digital interfaces play a high role and the human experience angle is amply addressed. By collaborating with the right training sources, asset management practices, within companies and through service providers, workplace administrators can expand capabilities, skills and operational excellence to create the ideal workplace experience, empowering leaders in asset management who play an active role in transforming workspaces in a sustainable manner.