Green Initiatives


We at Denali understand that the campuses that we manage can potentially have a significant impact on the environment, economy and society. We understand that unsustainable property management practices lead to reduction in the value of assets in the long term.

We comprehend that Earth's natural resources are finite and this has prompted us to ensure focusing on managing properties in a manner that there is reduction in waste and harmful impact on the environment. By enforcing moderate consumption of natural resources, we believe we can make a difference.

Our solutions improve a property's environmental performance by cutting energy usage and costs. After analysing consumption patterns we implement techniques of using energy efficiently. Leveraging innovations in technology our efforts ensure increase in the effective use of workspace and of natural resources.

By using creative landscaping to ensure greener buildings, and water conservation techniques, we make optimum use of the given resources on the campuses we manage.

We believe in the possibility to significantly reduce the impact that a campus may have on the environment over time. By integrating sustainable features into the management processes we ensure that we do our bit towards environment conservation and lend value to our Assets.

Organic Farming at DivyaSree Technopark

As a part of our commitment to create eco-friendly, pollution free environments, we have initiated as a first, an organic farming system at one of the DivyaSree properties we maintain in Whitefield at Bangalore.

Here, we have successfully utilised a barren piece of land and converted it into a thriving, living, organic vegetable garden.

We cultivate the land and raise crops by using organic material like compost and manure that is generated within the campus at our Organic Waste Centre (OWC). This in turn keeps the soil alive and in good health. These biological materials, along with beneficial microbes (bio fertilizers) release nutrients to crops.

By excluding the use of synthetic inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, etc., and relying only upon manures off-farm organic waste, we ensure a biological system of nutrient mobilization and plant protection. Rotation of crops of different varieties also ensures rejuvenation of the soil. We take the help of organic farming enthusiasts within the property we manage, be it employees at our tenant companies or residents living in the residential part of the property.

Our organic garden boasts of vegetable produce such as radish, spinach, carrots, tomato, fenugreek, and coriander, which are distributed across for consumption.

It is our endeavour to increase the number of organic gardens and farms across all the properties we manage and contribute towards a greener environment.

Operation Zero Waste – DivyaSree Technopark

Over 2 lakh tons of waste is generated per day in our country – of this 90% can be recovered. However, due to lack of an organized waste management system this does not take place.

In our Zero Waste initiative, we use a systematic approach towards waste management rather than employing the regular waste disposal which leads to large landfills within the city.

The DivyaSree Technopark property use to produce 2.6 tonnes of waste a day of which 75% went into landfill. The attempt is to now make it a zero waste property and ensure that only 10% of the waste goes into landfill.

Approximately 5% of total plot area within the property has been allocated towards waste recycling. By partnering well-known recycling partners as well as having a competent team responsible for waste management, we are in the process of executing this plan.

Our Waste Management Program: