Denali Security


The changing needs of the clients are driving a paradigm change in ways campus security is envisaged and implemented nowadays. The conventional means of ensuring security saw appointing and positioning of guards armed with a baton and a register at critical points like entry and exit gates. Times have changed and so should ways of security. We at Denali totally believe so and are driven to bring about this transformation. We are adept at leveraging technology and blending it with people, data collection and analysis to create more efficient solutions.

There is no one size fits all solutions – we work closely with the campus facility teams, the clients, as well as the tenants in the properties we manage to understand their security needs. At Denali Security, we ensure that we understand the on ground situations to devise a site specific security strategy and then use a combination of technology, data analytics and real-time monitoring to deliver a safe and secure campus to the occupants. Towards delivering befitting security we are investing heavily in modern technology, data analysts and category experts to guide our decisions and provide advanced solutions to our clients.

The core objective of our solutions and operations is to prevent security lapse related incidents rather than react to them. The Denali Security way ensures training of the security staff and that the infrastructure setup facilitate identification and mitigation of the risks before they become threats to the safety of employees working in our campuses.

   Case Studies

Our client is a large Bengaluru based real estate developer with a vision to change the realty landscape across India. They were looking for a new age and innovative, comprehensive security solution to be deployed across their campus.

Their bustling and hyperactive campus serves as a daily workspace for 35000 employees and experiences almost 1000 visitors' footfall each day.

As a part of the security transformation project, our strategic security specialists conducted a comprehensive onsite assessment for all security services and parameters existing at the campus currently against the best practice benchmarks. A detailed walkthrough of the campus was conducted and evaluated keeping in mind key points including access control systems, CCTV cameras, visitor management, security guards, locks, lighting, gates, and surroundings. Security assessment at the campus indicated a high potential of implementing a technology driven security program designed and deployed for providing a higher level of protection while driving performance efficiencies.

  The Denali Solution
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Integrating Smart Technology
  • High accuracy RFID Cards and readers deployed across the site helps track location of people and assets.
  • AI based cameras Integrated with the system enabling Virtual Fencing viz. Human Flow Direction, Loitering detection, Movement of Entire Objects, Perimeter Security, Tamper Protection, and Human Flow Direction.
  • Integration between RFID Location data, camera data and geo tagged maps enable proper tracking of alarms and related events.

A Robust Visitor Management System

An automated visitor management system records information regarding the visitor details duly verified by their identity documents, the time of entry and exit, reason for visit, person and company being visited etc

Control of Access Keys and Cards of Support Staff

Fail-safe procedures and processes for issuance of entry and move around keys/access cards to the authorised support staff in the campus.

Physical Guarding

The right tools, technological support and training provided to guards, to facilitate efficient performance of their duties

Security scans and checks

Setting up of screening and recording systems which allow smooth flow of people/vehicles.