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Interact, Engage and Connect with your Target Audience

Marketing companies aspire to find a platform where they can connect and engage with its defined Target Audience in an intriguing, stimulating and attention sustaining environment. Denali Connect enables brands to engage and captivate its TA by professionally orchestrate and manage such environments in office campuses and complexes. Prospective consumers are found everywhere, right from the entry level millennial workforce, mid and senior executives to the thousands of other company executives visiting corporates in the campuses. These corporate parks offer a befitting stage for brands to boost their brand visibility and reach by connecting with thousands of these defined TA and prospective consumers through awareness information dissemination booths, streaming content via digital screens, workshops, live events, online outreach programs, contests and many more.

Collaborate with Denali Connect

Your brand can collaborate with Denali Connect and partner with business campuses and corporate parks which are professionally managed by Denali Management Services and drive key engagement initiatives through interactive on ground activities further augmented by digital online programs.

Be it new product launches, product trials, test drives to product demos, let Denali Connect be your link to your prospective consumers. F&B and Retail partnerships to specific branding opportunities are also available in our corporate parks.

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