Denali Epicure


The F&B sector in India has witnessed the entrance of many international F&B brands in the last few years to cater to the changing lifestyles of the consumers and providing them with options to explore different cuisines in varied formats.

Denali recognizes the changing palate and preferences of our evolving customers and to address their changing needs, we have established Denali Hospitality that manages all F&B concepts across all campuses managed by Denali.

Denali epicure caters to a diverse array of clientele ranging from individuals, corporates, casual diners, as well as food connoisseurs and provides them with an array of formats that include fast food counters, food courts, fine dining, corporate lunches, elaborate buffets or sit-downs, large cafeterias, tuck shops as well as banquet spaces. Towards providing this transformational F&B service, we have commenced working on establishing a centralized kitchen capable of providing 5000 meals a day.

We have further tied up with an enviable set of popular and award-winning international franchisees to ensure highest standards of quality, better efficiencies as well as a wider variety to our customers on campus. At the same time we are also promoting and working with innovative and exciting home-grown brands in order to have a balanced portfolio of food services on campus. Raising the bar for the in-campus F&B services is expected to not only instill a sense of belonging amongst the employees of various companies occupying space in the campus, but also be a catalyst for the employers to attract and retain talent to their respective companies.

We have also initiated steps to prepare ourselves for managing restaurants, clubs and lounges to help increasing their efficiencies, footfalls and profitability.

Our ambition is to become the first F & B solutions brand in India as well as globally by reinventing the business via continuous innovations both in terms of technology and service. Denali epicure plans to eventually become a name to reckon with in the Hospitality industry.