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Smart security – a solution for safer communities and enhanced customer experience

With growing urbanization, there is a significant increase in the need to ensure enhanced safety and security protocols. The changing needs of businesses are driving a paradigm change in ways security is envisaged and implemented. Conventional methods of ensuring security saw the appointing and positioning of guards armed with a baton and a register at critical points like entry and exit gates. Times are changing and so are the ways of securing facilities. Today's security environment demands a more proactive approach rather than a reactive solution. Our technology solutions are integrated and work together on a seamless platform using software technologies which allow for easy integration with the multiple technologies and platform that facilities use currently, thereby leveraging existing solutions.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Enhancing traditional ways of security management through:

  • Faster response time to identify and mitigate threats
  • Proactive & predictive approaches rather than reactive
  • Scalable and in step with latest technology standards
  • 24/7 reliable operational management
  • Easy integration with third – party software

Denali's Integrated Command & Control Centre

Denali's Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) acts as a backbone for all security & surveillance infrastructure at a facility. It integrates various sub-systems such as CCTV, vehicle detection, communication, variable messaging etc. It is based on Denali's Smart Security & Surveillance solution, which is highly customisable and devised primarily based on the combination of security strategy, technology, data analytics and real-time monitoring to deliver a safe and secure environment for end-users.

Intelligent Motion Detection technology offers a Smart 3D motion detection with sensor integration. High-Performance Cameras enable round-the-clock use with auto switchover from day to night sensor system; and a modular system to enable maximum flexibility ensuring easily customizable and interchangeable modules for self- assembly. The powerful & intelligent system platform simultaneously allows streaming of up to three video codecs with high degree of flexibility and energy efficient reducing energy usage with power consumption under 7W & standard PoE.

Through this combination of sensing systems and edge devices to capture and generate real time data from gamut of security solutions, the ICCC acts as a highly efficient decision-support system for responding to incidents in real time.

The ICCC standardizes response protocols, enhances the safety and provides comprehensive surveillance information to reactive and predictive analysis. A combination of camera and sensor-based technology is used to detect distress calls, sounds, gunshots; aid in traffic rerouting and more. The two-way communication process sends an alert to the field response team on the criticality of the operation.

Case Study: Implementation of ICCC

Our client is a Bengaluru-based developer of a large multi-tenant business park which houses a workforce of 35000+. The campus experiences a visitor footfall of approximately 300 – 400 each day. Prior to implementing our solution, the client followed traditional way of security management which involved manual intervention of security guards at critical times. In our endeavour to deliver enhanced experiences for our customers, Denali has designed and implemented a command & control centre that also integrates an advanced Visitor Management Solution.

Benefits: Integrated Solution for all security & safety requirements We are able to deliver a tailor-made security management solution for the business park, combining IoT based technology, data analytics and real-time monitoring to deliver a safe and secure campus.

Denali's robust security management system offers wide-ranging benefits including:

  • Real-time monitoring system that prevent security lapse related incidents, identifies and mitigates risks before they become threats to the safety of employees
  • Accurately monitors visitors through an automated visitor management system which records information regarding the visitor, whose details that are duly verified by their identity documents, the time of entry and exit, reason for visit, person and company being visited etc. The stakes are high while dealing with security and service levels at IT parks. Setting up of screening and recording systems allow seamless transition of vehicles in and out of the campus ensuring highest security and service levels.
  • High accuracy RFID cards and readers deployed across the site helps track location of people and assets.
  • AI-based cameras integrated with the system enabling virtual fencing viz. human flow direction, loitering detection, movement of entire objects, perimeter security, and tamper protection
  • Integration of RFID location data, camera data and geo-tagged maps to enable proper tracking of alarms and related events.

In today's world, where response time is critical for security, we immediately switch from delayed services to high-paced response mechanisms.

In today's world, where response time is critical for security, we immediately switch from delayed services to high-paced response mechanisms.